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LASSO Air Crossbody Leash: Where Delicate Meets Durable

Immerse yourself in the world of LASSO Air - a realm where the finesse of featherlight design meets the strength of expert craftsmanship. Specifically curated for our petite four-legged companions, this crossbody leather leash embraces both style and substance, promising comfort without compromise.

Colors of Nature and Night: From the earthy brown undertones that whisper tales of ancient deserts, to the profound depths of noir black, LASSO Air paints a canvas of nature's palette. Be it the sandy memories evoked by beige, the lush green reminiscent of emerald meadows, or the golden promise of sunlit yellow; each hue tells a story, waiting to be woven into your daily adventures.

Elevated Craftsmanship: Each LASSO Air leash is a testament to timeless skill - a blend of traditional leatherwork techniques with modern innovation. The use of full-grain leather ensures not just aesthetic elegance, but durability that stands the test of time and tiny tugs.

Effortless Adaptability: Navigating urban jungles or tranquil parks, LASSO Air’s crossbody design champions versatility. With hands-free ease, switch between a leisurely roam, where your petite pal explores, or a close grip for bustling scenarios.

Natural Evolution's Beauty: The beauty of vegetable tanned leather is its evolution. Witness the exquisite patina development - a leather's diary, chronicling your shared escapades, every tug, and every joyful leap.

Commitment to Purity: Stepping beyond aesthetics, LASSO Air is a pledge. No plastics, no synthetics - just pure, eco-friendly processes and authentic materials.

Indulge in a leash experience that’s as light as air, yet as profound as your bond. LASSO Air - crafted for memories, designed for the discerning.


Width: 1.5 cm (0.59 inches)
Thickness: 3 mm (1/8 inches)
Length: crossbody 1.7 m (66.93 inches) | short 1.2 m (47.24 inches) | long 2.0 m (78.74 inches)
Weight: 160 g (0.35 lb)


Leather: Premium vegetable tanned full grain leather from Italy
Hardware: Solid brass hardware from Italy

Cut, polished and well made by our artisans in Germany.


Treat the leash with proper care and attention, and you'll be rewarded with a beautiful patina that will tell the story of its many years of good service.

Enjoy the lasting companionship of this beloved accessory as it grows more beautiful with age.


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If you have any questions or need assistance with a return, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!


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