In our accelerated world, we’re slowing down by surrounding ourselves with products that offer a break from modern life in constant motion. For this, we use heritage materials, traditional forms, and colours that make us feel comfortable and grounded. We want you to celebrate with us its authenticity and flexibility, and use nature-inspired details to express ourselves.

We are happy to release our new wool toys for pets as well as little humans. Made of mulesing-free wool blend they are available in three motifs: the bear, the tree and the bone. And, as always with all of our goods, they are beautifully packed in a ready to gift packaging. Enjoy your Special Moments while playing together.

The eco-friendly leash is made of sustainable hemp rope and full grain leather. The wooden ring handle makes it a conscious choice for humans, who want to feel connected with their environment.

This dog collar is made of vegetable tanned full grain leather in combination with pure wool felt. It has a wider part and a wool felt layer, which makes it soft to the touch and comfy to wear. A necklace for your pup's gentle neck. 100% natural. No silicone. No plastic.

Lightweight minimalist travel mat for the city dweller with a dog made of durable dralon fabric. Water & dirt repellent and easy to clean for your stress-free adventure. The quilted surface is soft and cuddly on both sides and gives your dog a comfortable place to rest on your walks in cafes, lounging in parks, visiting friends, or any adventures in the woods and mountains.

In the company of beloved furry friends, your life changes. Any area becomes a place where you can invent your new favourite game. Even your workspace seems to glimpse with joyful colours, seeing your little pup near you. The hard world of work becomes playful and is only defined by the boundaries of your creativity.

The first steps, their tiny paws, the funny things they do – each adds to the fantastic years of being together, making a memory for a lifetime. Your own Special Moments.

Sometimes, it’s the little details that have the biggest impact. Be it that round shape of the sleeve. A delicate wrist bracelet. Or a subtle card wallet. They complete the look. And, show the world who we are. We believe our goods give a sense of balance to human lives. The natural look is key, and the robust texture brings not only a luxurious touch to the garments; it sets a relaxed and soothing aura.


We are always striving to find new ways of utilizing materials in an efficient way. A recent example is the Sausage toy - it was created from the leftovers of our travel blanket Compass

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We believe in the power of sustainability and want to offer you a way to refresh your beloved pet accessories while minimizing waste.

Join us on this journey of mindful consumption and waste reduction.

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We are always looking for ways to help animals in need. This year, we want you to be involved in adopting a dog from the shelter. Everyone who does this will be granted with 50% discount on our goods for their first order. To do so, contact us before ordering.

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