During Pandemic many things, good and bad, happened. One of the latter is being copied by plenty of dishonest people, after our feature on Design Milk, Go Daddy, Etsy USA and Etsy Germany. Even by some manufactories in our home country, Germany. That makes us sad and difficult to speak about…

Our product designs and photography, where you can see us, our paw Mika and even our son Nik, have been stolen (downloaded / taken screenshots from this website, our Etsy store and instagram account) and are being used for the cheap imitations of our goods. Please do not let them deceive you!

It is a shame people are being heartlessly fooled by this. That is why, we always try to openly show on our Instagram profile how we create your goods and use the products ourselves in our studio in Berlin, Germany. We also decided to use guarantee labels for the materials we use in our goods, which are strictly monitored and unique for each single product. However, we are unable to assure the authenticity of our goods offered anywhere except our website, our Etsy store and the mentioned stockists.

In any case, we want to remind you that when you buy something from us, you buy not just a simple thing. You acquire hundreds of hours of fails and experiments. Days and weeks of effort, searches and moments of pure joy. You get a piece of heart, soul and part of our life. But, most importantly you buy time for us to do what we love most. 

Thank you! 


R x A

*Unfortunately, it is very difficult, expensive and nerve-wracking for a small family business to take action against these business models behaving in a fraudulent way. Hence, if you have a legal background and can support us on the legal battlefield, we would appreciate it and be incredibly grateful to you 🙏.

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