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Modern world is full of low quality products. Most of them are produced at large factories, where one item is made by number of workers performing specified instructions. Products, thus, become heartless.

Long before the growth of large industries, people barter their skills. Every craftsman was striving to hone his skill to perfection without exploiting others for his work. His heart was behind each peace he created. Our aim is to work with family run supply companies that have great history of manufacturing the finest materials. This gives us pleasure to put our whole soul into designing and crafting products by hand that have meaning, purpose and will become better with time.



We believe in guaranteed craftsmanship and work exclusively with genuinely selected natural materials. At the moment, there are two: full grain leather sourced from a small tuscan leather tannery and pure wool felt originated from a family run manufacturer in South Germany. Our confidence in the best quality is explained by both: our high standards and your high expectations. Each product is scrupulously tested by wear and tear long before it’s released to the public. We want you to use it with pleasure.



Premium Italian leather

Full grain

We use full grain leather, which is considered among the best quality leather available. It refers to cow hides that have not been treated significantly. It retains the natural marks of the hide preserving the original fibre strength and durability. Therefore, rather than wearing out the leather develops a beautifully unique patina as it matures. 

Origins in Florence

Vegetable tanning is a traditional process inherited for generations und used by our small tuscan leather tannery. The tanning process goes slowly in wooden drums in full respect of the environment. Depending on the desired color, natural components such as oak, hemlock, birch are used.


The best about vegetable tanned leather is its uniqueness in every peace. It borrows traces of your living. It matures. It gets tender and darker depending on your lifestyle and how you use your product. All of these features completed with the behaviour of its owner lend individual character to it and show how beautiful a natural product should be.


Value it and it will serve you for many years. 

The leather requires only little care. Use a slightly wet cloth to remove dirt and dust. Once to twice a year treat it with natural wax, balm or oil. Ask a specialist to recommend you the best product to use. Always test first on a small piece.

Keep in mind, too much care is poison for the leather. It will lose its unique character. We at band&roll prefer to keep the leather untreated.

Although, our leather is robust and will serve you for many years, please avoid exposure to high temperatures and direct contact with wet and humid surfaces.



Premium German wool

Virgin wool and wool felt

We admire wool for its naturality and think that it's a worthy companion to our leather. Wool felt is one of the oldest materials in the history of mankind. 100% wool, both felt or woven.

Made in Germany

We've decided to work with a small family run manufacturer in South Germany. They have created a material that is unsurpassed in quality by combining traditional techniques with rare wool types.


The popularity of the wool is based on the excellent properties. It's breathable, antistatic, water resistant, heat and cold isolating, shock absorbant and if looked after, will last forever.


Value it and it will serve you for many years. 

For the wool felt we strongly recommend dry cleaning. Don't use any cleaning solutions. To remove stains, absorb them with a sponge and wipe away. 

Keep in mind that natural wool is capable to absorb odors, toxins and moisture, which vanish by means of thorough airing.

Wool felt may create and attract lint and particles from other materials. To remove them, use sticky tape or a lint shaver. 


Making goods is a process of love. It starts from a blank sheet of paper, grows over the first sketches to the final draft and evolves into the beautiful composition of small details, the prototype. We take hard on it not to overdesign our products. That’s why we scrupulously use them first, piece by piece picking out any flaws and eliminating excesses until we achieve simple, yet elegant design we are proud of.

Each product is crafted by our hands with a help of a single sewing, edge cutting, and stamp machine. It’s hard, but loved. We feel great while cutting the felt, knitting the wool, stroking the leather and adding all the peaces together to something special, not only for us. That makes us one with the goods we create.