Card wallet "Companion" - Tan leather

Card wallet "Companion" - Tan leather


For those who prefer carrying credit, business & member cards separately from a beloved phone, meet the little brother of our phone case Family "Companion". 

Simply put the cards in, press the stud button and store it in the pocket. There you go.

Acquire and use in pleasure. Without programmed obsolescence. Beyond routine.


  • Full leather coverage for aesthetic wear
  • Suede leather middle layer for comfy glide
  • Leather cord for gentle pull out
  • Safe hidden pocket for precious cards and cash
  • Press stud fastening for secure closure
  • Timeless materials united with minimal design for elegant appearance


  • Length x Width 10cm x 7cm (~3.9in x 2.7in)
  • Front pocket 1-3 cards
  • Hidden pocket 1-4 cards


  • Italian vegetable tanned full grain leather, chrome free
  • Italian vegetable tanned sued leather, chrome free

See this wallet in black, here.

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